Cora and May

We had no intentions of getting another dog after our golden retriever had passed away.  He was a really sweet kind dog and was irreplaceable. He had a lot of illnesses through his whole ten years and this was very costly for us and upsetting to see him struggle. After he passed we were finding our home so quiet and we really missed his presence. We decided to look online and happened to see a picture of a merle aussiedoodle. She was adorable and we became interested.  However, we had a dog who had not been well so being fearful of the same experience.

So we contacted Suzanne to gain more information about the health and temperament of her dogs. She reassured us that the parents had not suffered from health issues and that their dogs had been through genetic screening.  She also talked about the kind and loving dogs they were. We decided to go and meet the parents and the puppies.

The parents were so gentle and very friendly. They just wanted to be petted (both the dad, Curly, and mom, Cora). We liked the mom’s personality so much that we decided to name one of our puppies after her.

We decided to get 2 unexpectedly. Cora, our merle puppy, had a crazy peppy little personality. We also met May, her sister, who was bigger, clumsier, and very cuddly. We had never owned 2 dogs at once before! It was one of the best decisions we made. Because they were with each other they had no troubles adjusting away from their family.  They were very affectionate to us but also to each other

Their relationship with each other has made it easier for us to leave them during the day as we know they have each other. One thing we hadn’t expected was how incredibly smart this breed is. They picked up on tricks and how to signal to us quickly.

As for adopting from JS Doodle, we can’t say enough.  Suzanne has answered many questions for us as the puppies have grown and has been very supportive. We keep in contact and also get to see pictures of our puppies siblings through her facebook page. We definitely have been blessed with our two puppies and a supportive, responsible breeder. If I was rich I would get two more!

Jamie and Sally Parkinso

Meet Hank

Could not imagine a puppy from anyone other than Suzanne and her family!! She is amazing, has a huge heart, and her puppies are the best!!
Hank (my golden doodle boy) Is nearly two, is goofy, happy and has the best temperament ever.  Thank you, Suzanne, and JS Doodles for the wonderful addition to my family! “


Meet Marcus !

My husband and I purchase a puppy from JS Doodles in October 2017.  On a whim we found JS Doodles and we are so glad we did. 
We were very pleased when we went to go see the puppies for the first time. 
They were well taken care of and the environment was very clean.  JS Doodles was a dream to work with.  They were very patient when we went to view the puppies and trying to decide which one would be coming home with us. 
JS Doodles takes pride in breeding quality dogs. We are so in love with our dog Marcus.  He is a healthy thriving pup who loves to play and has an amazing personality.  We highly recommend JS Doodles when choosing your next family member!!!!

Meet Daisy

We can’t say enough about our experience with JS Doodles, from the moment of the first contact it has been a flawless as we transitioned Daisy to her forever home.

JS Doodles provide a warm, loving, fun environment for their puppies to enter the world and with careful selection are hands-on in their choosing their forever homes.

Suzanne follows up and checks into how the puppies are doing, she loves seeing pictures of the pups growing up and starting life with their families. We always receive compliments on Daisy and are quick to share information for JS Doodles.

When we brought Daisy home both pet store workers and veterinary were impressed at the extra lengths Suzanne goes to give her puppies high-quality food and genetic testing on her dogs to ensure the health of the puppies.

We highly recommend JS Doodles and have already had a neighbor bring one of Daisy’s nieces home. We love Suzanne and JS Doodles.
Thank you for Daisy, she completes our family ?

Meet Hank!

We were doing some research about dogs to find something smart, kind, playful, cuddly, and most of all hypoallergenic and non-shedding. We thought we’d be searching forever for the magical unicorn of a dog when we came across JS Doodles and their Goldendoodles.

Suzanne was so accommodating and understanding. As a first timer I came out to the farm to play with the puppies to make sure I didn’t have an allergic reaction and she answered my million first-timer questions. We followed up a few days later and our boy was welcomed into our home.
We absolutely made the right choice.

Hank is so wonderful. He loves our kids, is patient and gentle, loves to play with our cats and he’s the greatest cuddler in the house. I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to recommend JS Doodles to anyone. The pups are cared for, loved and so so sweet and happy!!


Meet Nellie!

Suzanne was patient and understanding with our questions about the breed, and what to expect with bringing our newest fur baby home.

She accommodated our visit, and let us get to know our Nellie Girl.

Since then, we have grown a fierce kinship with our sweet and lively pup.  Our girl has become the daughter we never had, and she has melted the hardest of hearts in our household.   JS Doodles was the perfect match for us, they are the epitome of remarkable and ethical breeders.

 Suzanne and her family treat the pups as part of their own until they find their forever homes and even still after she loves getting updates to see how happy the pups have adjusted to their new lives.

Love The Mitchell Pack

Meet Rio !

We picked this beautiful soul up at 8 weeks old from JS Doodles almost 2 years ago.
Rio is an amazing very smart Aussiedoodle and has us wrapped around her cute little paw.
JS Doodles is an amazing breeder who met all our needs and provided us with a life long friend.

If you’re thinking of purchasing a pup in the near future you should definitely use JS Doodles.


We were scrolling through Facebook one day and came across Suzanne’s Cora/Curly 4-18 litter and fell in love.

JWe have known her through horses and know how much and how well she cares for her animals and decided we had to have one. Best decision we have ever made and quite possibly the best dog we have had. Not only did Blaze come to California but two of my friends also purchased puppies and are equally in love.

If anyone is considering adding a JS Doodles puppy to their family I would tell them “do it” and don’t look back!!!

-Cathy Mcdaniels


We got Harley from JS Doodles in December 2018. We picked him up when there were still 8 other puppies to choose from and it was one of the hardest choices to make.

All the pups were so cute and playful and sweet. Harley settled in well, loves his toys, eating, and having his belly rubbed. He still thinks he is a lap dog even though he is over 30lbs now.

He is almost finished his second level puppy class and is doing excellent. Harley was the best decision ever!” Emily


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