Parents – Meet The Boys

merle moyen (medium) poodle



 is the sweetest boy who makes a friend out of everyone and absolutely loves playing with our other dogs! Chief is laid back and is a real gentleman.

Chief has a heart of gold and is so kind! This super sweet boy is the proud Dad of many stunning puppies. 

Type: Blue Merle Moyen Poodle
Coat Color: Blue Merle
Eye Color: Blue and Brown
Temperament: Kind-hearted gentleman.

F1 Mini Aussiedoodle



Champ is the cutest and coolest dood ever! Everyone who meets him joins his fan club. His charming and funny personality is infectious! 
We are so excited to be adding him to our sires for multi generation doodles. 


Is an F1 Mini Aussiedoodle.
 He is a son of Cora and Cowboy. 
Color – phantom 
Eye color – brown 
Temperament- funny and loving 
Breed- Moyen poodle 


Has a gentle and kind soul. He gets along well with all our dogs! Everyone loves Captain! He’s a popular guy! He began sired his first litter with Cami in 2021.  We are so excited to see his future puppies! 
Breed- Moyen poodle 
Coat color- chocolate 
Eye Color- brown 
Temperament- gentle and sweet

Parents – Meet The Girls

F1b Mini Goldendoodle


F1b Mini Goldendoodle

Is a sister to “Carma”.
Carmen lives in her guardianship home with “Cookie”. Two peas in a pod they both love to play and are always happy!

Breed- F1b mini Goldendoodle
Birthday- June 25 2021
Sex- female
Coat color- apricot
Eye color- brown
Temperament – always happy

F1b Mini Goldendoodle


“Carma” is always happy and loves to show off her smile! Every day is a great day in the life of Carma! She enjoys playing with all her doggie friends.

Carma is a very smart girl and has been easy to train. We look forward to her one day having puppies with Chief.

Type: F1b Mini Goldendoodle 

Coat Color: Cream
Eye Color: Brown
Temperament: very friendly

F1 Bernadoodle Female


Chaos is the kindest girl! She loves to cuddle and makes friends with everyone.

Her favourite friend is her sister Celeste! They are besties! 

F1 Bernadoodle female
Coat color – Tri 
Eye color- brown 
Temperament- kind and loving 



Maple is one of our future moms! She lives with her guardianship family near london.

She has two kid sisters and her doodle brother Marner!

She enjoys walks and time with her fam! 

Color- red merle 
Eye color- blue 
Personality- friendly and loving 


Breed- F1 Bernadoodle



Excited to be adding Bernadoodles to JS Doodles. This beautiful girl is from a breeder in Ohio. We can’t say enough good things about her.

She’s been an amazing puppy and fits in so well with our busy life.

Breed- F1 Bernadoodle

Color- Black, Brown, and White (Tri-Colored)
Eye Color- Brown
Temperament- chill, and loving

Breed- F1b Goldendoodle



Is a daughter of Carma and Chief.
She was bred by JS Doodles and lives in a guardianship home in London.

We love the color Chief adds to our Goldendoodle lines. Chloe is very smart and enjoys going for walks.

Breed- F1b Goldendoodle

Coat color- blue merle
Eye color- brown and blue
Temperament- smart and friendly

Breed- petite Aussiedoodle



Is the daughter of Cricket and Cowboy. She enjoys snuggles and hanging out with her guardianship mom! She also lives with her two fur brothers and her two human brothers.

Breed- petite Aussiedoodle

Coat Color- Blue Merle
Eye Color- Brown
Temperament- Cuddly

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